Financed by ADEME

The RETMIF project (Réduction des émissions du transport de marchandises, scénarios pour l’Île-de-France - Reducing freight transport emissions, scenarios for Île-de-France), which is led by IFSTTAR and financed by ADEME, is concerned with the links between Low Emission Zones and freight transport. The project has two goals: to examine the possibilities of reducing pollutant emissions for road freight transport in Île-de-France by setting up Low Emission Zones, and to understand how the latter would disrupt the present-day operation of freight transport in the region.

The results of the first of the three phases of the project were presented in September 2014. The aim is to draw up a report on latest developments concerning Low Emission Zones in Europe that is accessible to all, and provide an initial picture of the known and predicted impacts on road freight transport activities in a few major European cities. Particular attention will be given to:

  • The European context with regard to air pollution, and the associated regulations
  • The correlation between road transport and pollutant emissions, in particular in the case of road freight transport
  • A typology of European Low Emissions Zones, that demonstrates the variety of cities and the links between the nature of this typology and freight transport
  • A survey of two European Low Emssion Zones (London and Berlin)
  • A presentation of the positive and negative socio-economic impacts of the introduction of zones of this type has on logistics activities.

This phase will provide the basis for the two next phases of RETMIF, the second of which will consist of carrying out fieldwork in a number of large European cities which already have a Low Emission Zone (Berlin, London, Amsterdam). The third phase will be to model and analyse the impact of a few Low Emssion Zone scenarios for the Paris region.