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The "production" area

This area deals with the use of transport and logistics in production systems. The central concern of our analysis is the organisation of production, which involves a range of activities, participants and resources, and the role of transport in this organisation process.

This first area provides insight into how the systems of production (belonging to shippers and transport and logistics operators) and transport services influence each other. It examines both the conditions of transport production from the shippers’ point of view, thus examining the determinants of transport demand, but also from the point of view of transport service providers and intermediaries, in this case examining the determinants of transport supply. The aim is to understand how shippers determine their transport needs: as a function of the organisation and the constraints imposed by their production systems, the nature of the products, the volume of production, the dispersion of customer demand, and the location and capacity of suppliers… This first area of research is therefore concerned with the organisation of the system of production and the role played by transport in this organisation process. Likewise, as far as transport undertakings are concerned, transport is a social construct that results from interactions with demand from shippers. But the characteristics of the service also depend on the operating methods implemented by the service providers, and the industrial organisation they set up in order to ensure their profitability by making use of equipment, partner firms and infrastructure to this end. Consequently, the issues covered by this area consider the embeddedness of the microeconomic strategies of transport undertakings in both production systems and socio-technical systems.