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The "institutional" area

This area sets out to see how public action can influence freight transport.  

Public action is still decisive with regard to urban design, planning, infrastructure, the provision of public services, transport planning and, of course, operational, technical and social regulations. This area of research sets out to understand how public action is constructed and conducted, with a view to putting its impact into perspective. With the focus on governance, the aim is not only to understand public decisions, in terms of the way public issues and their solutions are created, but also how they are implemented, in terms of processes and, in particular, interactions between stakeholders. This area of research is particularly concerned with the way stakeholder strategies develop, mobilise, take ownership of and/or integrate the public policy measures that are implented: planning and investment in new infrastructure, regulation, economic interventions. With a view to appraisal, the aim is to understand how these different policy measures may in their turn change stakeholder strategies, production systems and, more broadly, territories. The research also considers how stakeholders who are involved in freight transport are able to influence public policies.